3D Concept Art Tips and Tricks #3

Tutorial / 20 June 2018

If you're looking for HDRIs as a quick way to light your scene, check out https://hdrihaven.com/ and be sure to support his patreon! He has up 16k hdris and they're all free. They're also organized by location, time of day, types of contrast, etc. 

Hope it helps ya'll make more amazing art!

3D Concept Art Tips and Tricks #2

Tutorial / 19 June 2018

I use a ton of reference for color, composition, etc; and a lot of that comes from film. Here's  a site with a library of film screenshots to use that lets you filter by series, genre, etc. :) Hope it helps everyone! 


3D Concept Art Tips and Tricks #1

Tutorial / 17 June 2018

Hey folks, since I don't do video tutorials (I have crazy anxiety); I wanted to start sharing little tips and tricks I use as a 3d concept artist to speed up my workflow. So first up is terrain!

Like other folks, I'll sometimes build terrain in houdini; which is fantastic and gives a lot of control. But in a lot of cases, I need something faster. The solution? DTM (Digital Terrain Models).

Here's what they look like:

These are satellite images of Mars, and they can all be downloaded in an IMG  format here: https://www.uahirise.org//dtm/

Just click on whatever terrain you want and download these

This will give you the IMG file which you can import into blender. That importer may be on by default or needs to be activated in preferences. 

Your important setting are here. Binning adjusts the quality of the mesh. I almost always use 6x6.

Once imported, you can modify as need be and export in whatever format you need.

And here it is in keyshot with some default material thrown on