Photography Practice 24

General / 29 November 2018

Photography Practice 23

General / 28 November 2018

On Off On Off On Off

Light and Guide Reminds me

Sittin' and Hopin'

Save you from your sorrow

Photography Practice 22

General / 20 October 2018

Hold Back


Restrained Flight

Tight Rope

Twitter ArtShare

General / 19 October 2018

Hey all! I hope you're doing well!

About a month ago I started the Friday ArtShare on twitter, and wanted to spread the word here. It's a chance for folks to either use the hashtag #ArtShare and/or tweet at me and I'll share your art with 19k+ followers. It's a chance to celebrate everyone's art no matter what the skill level or background with no string attached. 

I'm passionate about community and supporting each other as artists, as well as trying to give a leg up to folks who don't have the exposure or their voice just isn't heard! 

Here is today's twitter thread with info/instructions that you can respond to with your art:

And my Twitter:

Hope you all join in and have a wonderful weekend!

Photography Practice 21

General / 17 October 2018

Creepin Circle

Cable Falls

Pipe Dreams

Fall Tropics


Photography Practice 20

General / 17 October 2018

Repeated Reflection


Peach Tree


Photography Practice 19

General / 16 October 2018


Glass Growth 


Alley Cats

Podcast interview

Article / 24 August 2018

Hey all,

If you follow me on twitter, you know I'm pretty open about struggles with depression and anxiety' along with being an advocate for treatment and support in terms of mental health. As a result of this, the kind folks over at Game Textures asked to interview on my podcast about my history with art, depression, and how I've learned to cope. I hope you find it helpful, and please let me know if you do!

Here's the link:

Hope all is well,


Photography Practice 18

General / 19 August 2018

Rear Window


Fall's End

Pavement Shuffle

Yoji Shinkawa style shader

General / 18 August 2018

Working on a shader for 3d concepting that mimics Shinkawa's painterly/gestural style. Still very wip.