MGS3 The End Mecha WIP

Work In Progress / 25 January 2019

Another concept for the Cobra Unit as mecha. Couple evenings of noodling

I did The Pain previously

Environment Art Podcast

General / 02 January 2019

Hey all,

 I was lucky enough to be on the Environment Art Podcast talking about 3D concepting, process, and life in general. Hope you like it and let me know what you think!




Hope you all are well and happy new year!


She Kept It There Once

General / 28 December 2018

Photography practice

Dome Recital

General / 27 December 2018

Photography Practice

The Flickering Holds the Truth I'm Told

General / 26 December 2018

Photography Practice

The Drift

General / 25 December 2018

Photography practice

Photography Practice 25

General / 13 December 2018

Death On The Mount

Forest From The Trees

Crimson Crime

Suit Suite

Midnight Fishes

Photography Practice 24

General / 29 November 2018

Photography Practice 23

General / 28 November 2018

On Off On Off On Off

Light and Guide Reminds me

Sittin' and Hopin'

Save you from your sorrow

Photography Practice 22

General / 20 October 2018

Hold Back


Restrained Flight

Tight Rope