Halo 5 Attack on Sanctum

I co-designed the interior temple space with Patrick Wren, and arted up the area with a mix of kitbashed Sangheli pieces from campaign and unique assets I made. Patrick and I had the goal of creating a two story Quake-like arena space within the center of a larger Warzone map. This would allow players to be able to engage in vehicle combat surrounding this structure, but also vie for map control in close combat within the temple itself. I put in balconies on the second story to allow for some verticality in encounters, along with a central monument and pillars as a blocker to break lines of site.

This map was a huge team effort with Patrick Wren, Liz Kirby Diaz, Mattias Kylen, Ignacio Guajardo Unanue, and Ryan P specifically. Ignacio did amazing material work on the architectural pieces!